Modern factory farms are without a doubt one, of not the, biggest cause of animal suffering. Today, the less the consumer knows about what’s happening before the meat hits the plate, the better. I, for one, refuse to not know what goes on, and ardently refuse to contribute to such a level of animal cruelty as seen in factory farms.
About a year ago I decided to become a vegetarian and am slowing cutting out all other processed animal products to become a vegan. The crazy thing is, I love being a vegetarian. I don’t miss meat at all. If you’re any normal meat loving, bacon slinging individual you’re probably thinking ‘why?’ and possibly ‘how?’ Well, that’s easy, I’ve tried more new foods and eaten better than ever before! When I say, or rather type, that I’ve eaten better than ever, it’s not only health wise. Becoming a vegetarian has truly been a culinary experience. Have you ever tried chickpea patties, falafel, grilled tofu, or even a well prepared veggie-burger? Well let me burst your bubble, these things are actually delicious! When you get a little creative and adventurous with your food great things happen. And that’s what I’m here to blog about; how delicious and healthy eating vegetarian or vegan can be and how our food choices affect animal suffering.